We provide facilities as follows:

1. Rain Tester

This is Rain Tester. When performing rain test, it adds temperature to be a factor. Using ultra red ray to increase temperature up to 55 degree centigrade and lasting 30 minutes of this temperature. Then it rain for 20 minutes in order to imitate outdoor environment, afternoon thundershower. And we set precipitation as 20 liters per minute. So, this is for outdoor products.

2. Network analyzer equipment

Our quality test engineer checks the products' RF performance and does visual inspection to confirm if the products meet our spec. before and after every test.

3. Temperature-Humidity Chamber

Using this chamber to test is to imitate that the product use in the high temperature and high humidity condition, and to check and to evaluate the environmental stress if it causes any effect to our product. The main tests is performed by this chamber are composite temperature, humidity cycling test and cold test. And high temperature test can also use this equipment to test, too.

4. Maturing Process Oven

The main tests have high temperature test and MTBF estimation. MTBT can estimate product life cycle.

5. 2.5 Dimension Measuration System

It can measure small size products. And the data would be more accurate.

6. Salt Spray Tester

Main test is salt spray test. These tests are used for outdoor products.