About SmartAnt Telecom


  SmartAnt is a Taiwanese company located in the Hsinchu Science Park, a hub for tech companies in Taiwan. SmartAnt was founded in 1998, designing and producing a wide range of both standard and custom antennas for a wide range of applications and companies. While our focus in on antennas, SmartAnt has extensive expertise in working with our customers to integrate our antennas into their products. SmartAnt has developed and manufactured whole subsystems for various customers as way to simplify supply chains while ensuring that a single entity is responsible for the performance and quality of the entire subsystem.

  SmartAnt has grown into world-leading company in providing smart antenna (beam-steering/beam-forming antenna) and a broad range of antenna system covering 30 MHz to 40GHz for indoor/outdoor applications. SmartAnt has extensive experience supplying various OEMs with subsystems using SmartAnt antennas. We have supplied completed subsystems, both internal chassis and outdoor NEMA enclosures. We are able to integrate CM-supplied electronics with custom enclosures, delivering finished, tested subsystems/systems as required.

  With its core competence in integrating of RF/Microwave, Mechanical engineering, product concept generation and flexible corporate culture, SmartAnt can provide varieties of customized production systems. Following the broaden application of wireless technology, SmartAnt has developed microwave sensor for security industry such as motion detection, level gauge and traffic radar for intelligent transportation system during the past 10 years.

  To utilize its wireless technology in versatile applications, SmartAnt has started developing medical device for heal thcare/medical care since 2011. The KneeCare system is the first launched product line, which is improved home-care portable products derived from hospital-based shortwave diathermy equipment.

  To become the most trustworthy partner for our clients, SmartAnt will keep carrying out its corporate culture: credibility, realism and innovation by way of credible attitude towards customers, realistic attitude in establishing high quality system (SmartAnt has been certified in GMP, ISO9001 and QC080000) and innovative attitude in product development.

   Foreseeing the lifestyle trend of human society in the coming epoch, SmartAnt has repositioned itself as a roll of reliable Medical Electronics Device provider globally.

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